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A Cappella at the 1728 Coffee House

by Nancy Farrell
May 19, 2014

Linda Shumacher creates another enjoyable evening of song and food at The 1728 Coffee House.

Custom Blend brought their great voices and fun repetoire out to Jordan Hall to help raising money to build a church....

 ... Nick Varrell, a senior at Roanoke College, a Holliston High School graduate, and a member of the First Congregational Church of Holliston is helping to build a church in La Enramada, Nicaragua. And so Linda Shumacher, as she often does, put together this evening at the 1728 Coffee House on Saturday, May 10 to help Nick raise some money.

Custom Blend -- a cappella with attitude -- entertained a full house at Jordan Hall with their beautiful voices and lovely harmonies.

The goodies and the crew for the 1728 Coffee Houses were, as always, fabulous.

Custom Blend sang so many beautiful songs, those songs that when you hear them you remember how much you love them and all the memories they hold -- the dances, the kisses, the farewells, the heartbreak, and the fun. Yesterday, I'll Be Seeing You, John Lennon's In My Life, so sweetly sung. And what are the chances that you'd hear The Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B twice in concert in one week, not in 1944, but in 2014. ( I can't get the "Doo-Wah!" out of my head.)

Their a cappella arrangements are so good. Imagine the William Tell Overture performed by a vocal group, but all of their arrangements work so well for this group. I especially liked the rich harmonies on And So It Goes.


The basses for the group are Tedford Armistead, Bill Duval and Tom Melander.

Singing along with the group on Blue Moon was such fun, but dancing to In the Still of the Night was the best.

From left, the basses, Bill Duval, Tedford Armistead and Tom Melander, the sopranos, Rachael Gerhard, Sherry Ryder and Cal Armistead, the altos, Susie Allen and Perry Ryder, and the tenors, Tom Ryder and Keith Daniel. They make it look so easy.

Thanks to Custom Blend, to Linda Shumacher and the rest of the 1728 crew for a lovely evening of song. And a very special appreciation to Nick Varrell for his project to build a church in Nicaragua.  They are all doing it, like another great song of the evening says,"I'm starting with the Man in the Mirror."


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Comments (1)

Linda Shumacher has done a wonderful job with the 1728 Coffee House, raising money for worthy causes and entertaining a lot of local folk - hopefully, the 1728 Coffee House continues for many years and we have SRO crowds listening to a variety of excellent music - thank you Linda

- Lee DeSorgher | 5/19/14 11:44 AM



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