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Kristen Hedrick

1. Holliston Parks & Recreation is offering the opportunity for Parents to enjoy a night out Parents Night Out

by Kristen Hedrick 10/6/17

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2. Afterschool Thursdays at Parks & Rec

by Kristen Hedrick 9/20/17


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3. Holliston Parks & Recreation is for Adults too!

by Kristen Hedrick 9/12/17

We have added a few adult programs over the past year.

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4. Holliston Parks & Recreation Department is hosting a PARENTS NIGHT OUT!

by Kristen Hedrick 5/15/17

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5. Cardio Tennis for Adults

by Kristen Hedrick 4/20/16

Holliston Parks & Recreation is offering a new Cardio Tennis for Adults!

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6. Summer Job Openings

by Kristen Hedrick 2/25/16

The Holliston Parks & Recreation Department has seasonal jobs available for summer 2016 and are now accepting applicants.

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7. Veristat Building Discussion

by Kristen Hedrick 5/11/15

The Holliston Parks Commission will be meeting Wednesday May 13th at 7 pm at 100 Central Street on the second floor. We would like to invite anyone with questions about the purchase of 1750 Washington St. -- the Veristat Building -- to come to the meeting to talk about it!

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8. Swim Lessons are Back at Lake Winthrop

by Kristen Hedrick 6/18/14

Swim lessons are back at Lake Winthrop. We will be offering two week sessions of swim lessons throughout the summer. Spaces are limited for each session.

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9. Great Get-A-Ways

by Kristen Hedrick 4/26/14

Designed especially with those more independent 8th & 9th graders in mind. Individual sessions are offered with many choices for all different interests!

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10. Men's Basketball

by Kristen Hedrick 11/25/13

The Holliston Recreation Department is offering a Men's Over 35 Basketball Program An opportunity to enjoy camaraderie, competition and exercise too Several options are available.

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11. Men’s Over 35 Basketball

by Kristen Hedrick 8/31/13

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12. Park & Rec's Spring & Summer Programs

by Kristen Hedrick 2/25/13

Summer Program Information 2013 is online! Register now

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13. Recreation Awards Three Summer Scholarships

by Kristen Hedrick 6/11/12

On behalf of the Parks and Recreation Department, we would like to thank everyone for applying for our three summer scholarships.

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14. Last Day of School Trip to PINZ

by Kristen Hedrick 6/2/12

Presented by the Holliston Recreation Department... Looking for something fun to do before starting your summer vacation? The last day of school is Friday, June 15th. Join us for a trip to PINZ in Milford for some bowling fun.

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15. Recreation Department Spring & Summer

by Kristen Hedrick 3/6/12

Spring & Summer 2012

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16. Greetings from the Holliston Park and Recreation Department

by Kristen Hedrick 11/4/11

The really exciting news is that we are in the process of building the new playground at Goodwill Park.

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17. After School Fridays

by Kristen Hedrick 9/17/10

After School Fridays Join Middle School Staff and FAST Athletics for After School Friday Fun! Each Friday there will be a featured sport played with FAST Athletics such as: flag football, dodge ball, whiffleball, or ultimate frisbee! Other activities include: card games, board games, bocce, and more. For kids interested in art we have Laurie Leavitt leading art projects on Sept 24 and Oct 1st. Pizza and drinks will be served for the first three Fridays and ice cream for the last Friday.

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18. Parks & Recs Scholarships Available

by Kristen Hedrick 4/22/10

Parks & Recs Scholarships Available Announcing Scholarship opportunities from the Holliston Parks & Recreation Department... We are very excited to inform all Holliston residents about two scholarship programs that are available to any Holliston resident.

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